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Live listening music in cosy venues

“This is a great venue. I have really, really enjoyed playing here.” Martin Simpson.

“I really like this little venue.” Pierre Bensusan.

“This is a rare venue, intimate, atmospheric, extremely well-run with devoted attention to every aspect, sound, ambience, lighting, decor and conviviality. Bring your own refreshments, relax and be entertained!” Karen Bates.

“What a fantastic hidden gem of a venue!” “It‘s like a private party among friends. Enjoy the banter.” “A jewel by the hill” “Keep it secret”

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11th March 2016, 8 p.m.
Martha Tilston, The Rowan
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Martha Tilston, The Rowan
Friday 11th March 2016, 8 p.m.
Martha Tilston, The Rowan
The Ale House, Mill Lane Colwall WR13 6HJ (map)
This event was held on Friday 11th March 2016
Comments received about this event:
Feedback from our guests on the night

"Brilliant music, lovely venue and hospitality! Thank you" - Joely

"Sweet venue, lovely atmosphere, nice nuts!" - Claire

"Excellent evening! Beautiful building and great nuts!"

"Fabulous" - Helen

"Enjoyed it very much - Martha as good as always! And we liked the nibbles... Possibly the nicest venue we've been in." - Peter and Hilary

"Lovely venue & audience" - Tom

"Supporting act was excellent. Good acoustics at this venue & very intimate." "The only reason I would not return is I'm not sure if you could make such a brilliant evening next time. (PS - we will be back)." - Chris Wild

The Ale House is the perfect venue for a performer of Martha Tilston's quality and originality.

Martha has played on some of the world’s most prestigious stages and festivals. She has recorded and released several critically acclaimed albums, gained a nomination for BBC best newcomer, appeared as a guest vocalist for Zero 7, toured internationally and played with the some of the world’s most inspiring musicians.

Now, in the intimate, friendly atmosphere of the Ale House we get to see her work her art, with thoughtful and thought-provoking lyrics, engaging music and a beautiful, pure voice.

The evening will start with a set from The Rowan, whose previous performances at the Ale House have fully evoked the "pindrop" atmosphere with their original jazz-tinged folk centred around Gwyneth Keen's powerful vocals and inventive song-making and Olly Blanchflower's fine, technically dazzling double bass.

The Artists

Martha Tilston:


With a voice like spider-webbed hollows and lyrics that inspire and captivate, Martha Tilston has developed a successful musical career with a large and loyal following worldwide.

Fresh out of college Martha happened across the Small World stage with her duo, Mouse; they put her on at midnight and let her play until dawn. She then travelled round the country with the lantern-lit touring stage, learning her craft and gaining a faithful underground fan-base.

‘She has the power to draw an audience into her world, leaving all those present with a smile, and a few issues to ponder, too.’ Time Out

‘She has probably the purest voice I have heard and at times it sent shivers up and down my spine.’ Lee Allen, BBC

Martha has constantly experimented with her musical parameters. In the early days this meant singing the folk songs she had know since childhood one week and recording electronica and trip-hop the next.

‘Martha Tilston has carved her niche with sharp, original songs that dissect the modern world. It is an engrossing set.. She captures both the harshness and enchantment of life, with the salt of sea air almost palpable.’ The Guardian

‘Sit down with a cup of chai tea and let her silky voice wash over you.’ The Independent



The Rowan:


The Rowan disbanded in February 2017.



The Venue

The Ale House



Mill Lane Colwall WR13 6HJ (map)

The Ale House is a delightful and intimate concert venue, with warm acoustics.

Despite its name, there are no bar facilities at The Ale House and events there do not normally make alcoholic drinks available for sale. Most events, however, are bring-your-own. Wine glasses are made available.

In the 16th Century The Ale House was a place to serve ale to the parishioners of Colwall after church services. Nowadays, while having all modern facilities, it retains its ancient charm, with oak beams and leaded windows.

It is situated adjacent to St James the Great Church in Colwall. From the main B4218 going through the main part of Colwall, turn down Mill Lane, which is just north of the railway bridge. Go past Colwall Village Hall and the church is about half a mile further down the lane.

Park in the large car park next to the church and walk through the churchyard to the Ale House.

For reasons of safety parking is not allowed immediately adjacent to the building.

Disabled Access

The Ale House is fully equipped for wheelchair access.

There is a pull-in space by the main door at the south end of the building (shown in the picture) for drop-off.