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“It's a delight to play here. Long may it continue.” John Doyle.

“This is a great venue. I have really, really enjoyed playing here.” Martin Simpson.

“I really like this little venue.” Pierre Bensusan.

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27th September 2014, 8 p.m.
Pear Tree Session
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Pear Tree Session
Saturday 27th September 2014, 8 p.m.
Gwyneth Keen, James Watson and Patsy Gamble
The Old Chapel, Park Road Hartpury GL52 9HX
This event was held on Saturday 27th September 2014

The Artists

Gwyneth Keen:


This act became The Rowan in 2016 and disbanded in Febraru 2017.



James Watson and Patsy Gamble:


James Watson is a virtuoso classical / jazz guitarist and composer. Patsy Gamble is a world class saxophonist. Individually they have very active, acclaimed careers as performers and recording artists. Together they make one of the most exciting and original combinations around, playing an entrancing style of energetic and sophisticated acoustic jazz.

The Venue

The Old Chapel


Park Road Hartpury GL52 9HX

A beautiful old restored chapel adjacent to Hartpury Church in Gloucestershire, the Old Chapel has sublime acoustics and a wonderful intimate atmosphere, making it a perfect venue for acoustic music.