Live listening music in cosy venues

“What a fantastic hidden gem of a venue!” “It‘s like a private party among friends. Enjoy the banter.” “A jewel by the hill” “Keep it secret”

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Who we are

Pindrop Events is a small limited company based in Ledbury Herefordshire, putting on high-quality acoustic music events.

Almost all of the events take place at a simple but beautiful 16C hall in the grounds of St James Church in Colwall called The Ale House. The concerts have a very special, intimate, friendly atmosphere, where artists and audience meet and mingle at close quarters.

The concerts give the performers the opportunity to present their art to a listening, attentive, supportive and appreciative audience.

The principal by which these events are staged is that musicians should be paid properly for the art they give us. The Ale House is a small venue, so ticket prices have to set to make this possible. We don't do this for profit, but we would like to at least break even. The main expense is, of course, the artists' fees, but we also have accountant's fees, SSL certificates, venue hire and insurance costs. My personal investment in Pindrop Events amounted to £920 last year.

PINDROP EVENTS LIMITED is registered in England and Wales, company number 8929847.

Contact Details

Ken Appleby


14 Canal Walk, Ledbury, HR8 2ED

Telephone: 07979 542 449